Here are some of the jobs we've done and what our customers have said about our service.

Tim R

Tim explains it best in his testimony below.

"I had a great experience working with Rich to mill up a half dozen maples trees that we harvested at our house in Boston. Rich was very responsive via email and provided a clear and informative estimate. We have a relatively small yard (8,000 square feet) with a number of obstacles and constraints that make it difficult to pull a mill right up to our log pile, but Rich was eager to engage in the problem solving and came over in advance to plan the layout and even helped me move the logs around and arrange them for milling. On milling day he showed up right on time, was consistently cautious and safe, and was very efficient with the whole operation. I knew next to nothing about milling logs before this process, but Rich does a great job answering questions and sharing information clearly and without any judgement toward even the most uninformed questions. I didn't go into the milling with a clear cutting plan, but Rich was very helpful in getting the most out of each log. We milled up about a dozen 8 - 14' trunks over the course of a day and I am thrilled with the quality of the wood. It is drying now and I look forward to building with it next year. It was a pleasure working with Rich and I highly recommend his services.
Tim, Egleston Square, MA

Paul D

Paul decided to fell several White Ash trees on his property after discovering they were infected with a disease which unfortunately is spreading rapidly amoung Ash trees. The lumber was good with little or no staining. Paul uses a variety of wood species to build beautiful furniture for his home.

"Rich was a pleasure to work with. He showed up on time, set up quickly, and was up and sawing in no time. He transformed our large collection of ash logs - some 28" in diameter, into some beautifully sawn boards. We spent 2 days working together, and have over 1000 bd feet of hardwood lumber to show for it. He quartersawed the large logs to our specifications, and flat sawed the smaller. I highly recommend Rich, and will use him again next time I have any custom milling requirements"
Paul, Lincoln, RI

Mark I

Mark had a mix of White Pine and Oak logs he needed sawn into boards and 2x4s. Mark makes rustic outdoor furniture as well as fine interior door and window casings as a hobby.

"Whether you’ve cleared forest growth trees from your property or lost a favorite shade tree from storm winds, Amaral Mills can turn the timber into useful native lumber. Imagine how rewarding it would be to building a shed, furniture or other project from wood grown on your own property."
Mark, Exeter, RI

Chuck B

Chuck had a number of White Pine and Maple logs he needed sawn for a number of projects.

"Rich is a pleasure to work with. He was able to quickly produce thousands of board feet of lumber from a pile of felled pine. The savings verses buying the lumber outright were significant, and allowed me to make use of trees that I had no other way of utilizing."
Chuck, Pascoag, RI

George G

George had a number of Cherry trees on his property he had recently felled. George wanted the lumber milled for his son who enjoys making fine furniture in his spare time. Some of the logs had to be bucked to shorter lengths to get the most amount of lumber.

I recently had the pleasure of contracting with Mr. Rich Amaral of Amaral Mills to mill several large cherry trees that we had taken down. In his spare time, my son makes fine furniture and we wanted to give him some good quality wood. Mr. Amaral had been recommended to us by Mr. Troy Cully of Professional Edge Landscaping and Masonry. l would highly recommend Mr. Amaral to anyone who is looking for quality, professional mill work. He is courteous to deal with, operates his equipment in a professional and safe manner, and leaves the work site clean and organized. It was a pleasure doing business with him.
George, Middleboro, MA

Jay A

Jay had several large diameter Hickory logs he needed sawn into two inch thick, live edge slabs. The logs revealed some of the most beautiful wood grain patterns I've seen.

"I spent a great day sawing wood with Rich. His knowledge, personality, and professionalism, not to mention beautifully sawn lumber, made for a rewarding experience!"
Jay, Rochester, MA


Armand was in need of a combination workshop\man cave structure. He wanted it to look unique, be comfortable and multi-functional. He choose rough sawn Pine lumber for both exterior and interior surfaces using batten strips on the outside to cover the seams of the butted boards. This gave the building a rustic old New England look. Great job Armand!

Armand, North Smithfield RI


Mason acquired a collection of 150 year old Southern Yellow Pine beams from an old mill building that was being demolished. He plans to make furniture with the resawn lumber produced from these beams. These pieces will be one of a kind with a lot of history to boot.

Mason, Bolton MA


Ron is a collector of fine woods. Ron has endless ideas for wood working projects. This White Oak lumber will be part of an outdoor structure at Ron's place on the Cape.

Ron, Grafton MA


Iain owns and maintains a small horse farm. After expanding the riding rink, he decided to turn the felled tress into much needed fence boards. Iain and son Callum joined in the fun of milling White Pine logs. This caused Callum to sleep most of the next day. Who needs the gym when you can mill lumber? The horses will soon enjoy a larger and more comfortable riding/training area.

Iain, Greene RI

Carl and Holly

Holly's creative mind keeps Carl busy with all sorts of projects. So when they had a number of trees felled for a pool installation, she already knew what to do with the lumber. The whole family joined in bucking, moving logs and milling them into dimensioned lumber including their daughter Miranda. I can't wait to see the finished projects. Stay strong Carl!

Holly, Carl and Miranda, Mendon MA


John recently acquired a number of White Pine logs from a cleared house lot. Being a creative person, John immediately invisioned a number of projects for his Nursery business. Good luck John.

John, N. Smithfield, RI


Jeff needed to enlarge a Mahogany bed frame to accommodate a queen sized mattress. This particular bed frame was passed down through three generations and held special importance to the owner. Jeff not only enlarged the frame but did it in an elegant and aesthethetically pleasing manner using Cherry lumber milled by us. Although not seen in the photo, the bed rails were replaced with longer Cherry rails. Awesome job Jeff! Check out Jeff's website here.

Jeff, E. Providence, RI


Ben is building a huge barn. He needed 5400 board feet of 1" x 10" x 12' boards along with 2" wide batten. All logs were freshly harvested specifically for this order to produce the maximum lumber yield and lowest waste. Ben has alot of work ahead of him, but the barn looks great!

Ben, W. Greenwich, RI


Bill needed two things: more sunshine on his property and lumber to build a utility shed, so he harvested a number of White Pines and bucked the logs to length. I helped Bill skid the logs with my tractor into one neat pile. Next, we milled each log into a variety of dimensions needed for his shed. Bill had the perfect shelter to stack the wood for drying.

Bill, Uxbridge, MA


Bill needed a number of 2" x 9" x 16' White Oak planks for a trailer he's repairing. Two of these logs provided enough timber for the job with extra to spare. Bill was impressed with the quality of the wood (veneer grade) and briefly had second thougths on its use as a trailer bed.

Bill, Little Compton, RI


Dave wanted to make a Gazebo to host his son's gradution party. The trailer holds about half of Dave's lumber for the project. An up coming picture will show Dave's finished Gazebo.

Dave, Chepachet, RI


Gary harvested two giant Red Oak trees and an Ambrosia Maple during the landscaping of his back yard for the installation of a custom crafted swimming pool. The Red Oaks produced some of the widest boards I've milled in a long time. Gary is sure to be busy for a while making projects from his lumber.

Gary, Cumberland, RI


Phil and Kathy are building a farm on their property. The first order of business was to harvest a dense stand of White Pines in front of their house. Most of the resulting logs were ideal candidates for lumber. This lumber will be used to build animal shelters, fencing and all sorts of utility buildings. Phil and Kathy will be pride owners of structures they built themselves with their own beautiful lumber!

Phil and Kathy, Mansfield, MA


Ron is in the flooring buiness. He is the owner of Future Flooring Surfacing. One of Ron's customers donated a large Red Oak tree that was recently felled on his property. Ron decided to have the wood milled for flooring boards.

Ron, Warwick, RI

Dave and Marc

Dave and Marc are building a barn and need about 2000 BF of 1" Pine boards. Their logs supplied all the lumber they needed plus a little more.

Dave and Marc, Scituate, RI

Mike and Leo

Mike needed his logs milled into 1" and 2" stock for various projects. At the end of the day, Mike had 1850 BF of lumber.

Mike and Leo, Brookfield, MA


Karl will be making a pulpit for his Church with these Red Cedar boards milled from Red Cedar trees harvested on the Church grounds.

Karl, Cumberland, RI

Dave and Sue

Dave brought over a number of Hickory and Apple logs to be milled into 4/4 thick boards, with no live edge. Dave has a number of plans for the wood and is especially interested in the Apple boards.

Dave and Sue, MA

Bob D

Bob and his brother Kyle run Dwyer Hardwoods in Narragensett RI. The job consisted of milling White Cedar beams, a Black Walnut log and a few Pitch Pine logs. Another fun day of milling.

Bob, Narragansett, RI

Janice H

Janice had several Maple logs which needed to be converted to 5/4 inch boards for a floor project. Since the logs had been sitting for awhile, the wood was spalted and showed beautiful grain patterns, perfect for a decorative floor.

Janice, Foster RI

Jeff D

Jeff and his son Nick needed a few Oak and Black Walnut logs milled into 1" boards. Jeff plans on making furniture pieces with some of the wood and possibly selling the rest. I've seen lots of lumber during my travels, but these logs yielded the highest quality to date. Jeff and Nick came up to speed quickly helping me turn their logs into truly beautiful lumber. Jeff is the owner of Country Gardens Landscaping and Irrigation Inc. Check out some of his elegant work here

Jeff, Millbury MA

Dave L Club House

Dave is building a club house for his kids and needed some 1" thick rough sawn boards for the siding. Dave needed the boards shiplapped and delivered to his home.

Dave, North Kingstown RI

Dennis M

Dennis owns and runs East Coast Tree Works and has collected a huge pile of high grade White Pine logs for various projects. This lumber was milled for a rustic storage shed for his fiance. Dennis has over 20 years experience in the tree service business and runs a tight operation. I highly recommend Dennis and his tree service company.

Dennis, N. Smithfield RI

Ralph B

Ralph needed his logs milled for a variety of projects including quartered lumber for his stack rail fence. All the logs were harvested form Ralph's property in fact Ralph uses his trees exclusively for his projects including a large pole barn that houses heavy equipment.

Ralph, Uxbridge MA

Greg M

Greg has a near endless supply of logs of varied species throughout his property, each targeted for a specific use. Greg knows wood like few other people I've met. He can visualize the end use of any piece of wood, even if it starts off as an unattrative common log. I've milled for Greg a few times and always enjoy listening to what he plans to do with the lumber. Here is just a sample of a few Pine and Black Walnut pieces.

Greg, W. Greenwich RI

Shayne P

Shayne had a few Oak logs he needed sawed to make a variety of projects including benches for his upcoming wedding with Katie. All the logs came from Shayne's backyard. The trees were felled to make way for a vibrant vegetable garden and provide light to his chickens. Shayne plans to use some of the lumber to complement his growing collection of creative and beautiful interior furniture pieces.

Shayne and Katie, N. Dighton, MA

Frank M

Frank collected a number of logs when clearing a lot for his daughter's house. This one lot had a wide variety of tree species including, Red Oak, Black Oak, Cherry, Spalted Maple, Tiger Maple and White Ash. Most of the Oak was milled for corral fence boards for Frank's Arabian horses. The rest was targeted for a variet of furniture projects.

Frank, Charlton, MA

Tom M

Tom had a combination of Oak logs and salvaged Douglas Fir beams to mill. The logs were nearly defect-free and yielded beautiful quartersawn lumber. The beams needed to be resawed to specific dimensions for a particular project Tom wanted to build. The challenge was sawing two of the three beams that were longer than the sawmill could handle. Using a simple technique, we were able to resaw 24 foot beams on a our sawmill with a 20 foot length capacity.

Tom, East Greenwich, RI


Richard runs his 42 acre farm with his son Christian and daughter Melanie in Westerly Rhode Island. Richard needed lumber for a number of projects including animal shelters. Most of the wood was White Pine, with some Red Oak thrown in the mix. I enjoyed meeting and working with Richard and would recommend anyone with an appreciation of fresh organic vegetables and picturesque farm scenery to visit the Manfredi Farms.

Richard, Westerly, RI

Jay R

Jay is an interior carpenter and needed some reclaimed boards ripped width wise for use as veneer on exposed beams on a house project. These boards came from a demolished hundred year old house in Middletown RI. In addition to ripping the boards, we carefully examined each one checking for and removing numerous hundred year old nails. Jay was great to work with and provided ample conversation on an otherwise mundane job.

Jay, East Greenwich RI

Josh C

Josh needed a large Black Walnut tree sliced into 8/4 (2 inch) thick slabs with live edge (with bark). These slabs exhibited beautiful, rich grain patterns consisting mostly of heartwood.


Josh, Achushnet, MA