Our Products

We just can't help making stuff out of wood. It's a testament to the versility of wood. Here are some other things we offer. As always, feel free to call, text or email with any questions.

Bar Top

These pieces are drying and have two live edges. After the wood dries, we mill two edges on two pieces and glue them together (flat edge against flat edge).

After the glue dries, the pieces are planed flat on one side. The final bar top can have none, one or two live edges, your choice.

These pieces come standard at 3 inches thick, 20+ inches wide and 8 feet long, planed on one side.


This is a two inch thick piece of Red Oak, custom milled to be used as a fireplace Mantel for one of our customers.

Mantels, bar tops and table tops can be ordered most any thickness, length (up to 20 feet) and width (up to 24 inches).

Bench 1

This bench was made using our sawmill and chainsaw from White Pine logs.

The bench is held together with mortise and tennon joinery, no screws or bolts are used. Once assembled, the bench is sanded and sealed with several coats of wood preservative.

These can be custom made to your liking.

Bench 2

This bench was made the same way as the one above except without a back support.

This bench would complement any garden or look great under a tree or next to a rustic shed or barn.