Chainsaw Carvings

We offer a number of custom, hand carved sculptures.

All carvings are created with a chainsaw and hand tools from solid pieces of wood. No two scultpures are alike, each is unique and can be personalized just for you.

Sculptures can be painted or left natural. Either way, several coats of wood preservative are applied to ensure many years of enjoyment.

If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. Chances are we can carve it for you.

Pricing and orders are by phone, text or email. Orders require a 50% deposit. If you're local, feel free to stop by, we'd love to meet you.

Bird Bath 2

A Cairn style birdbath

Mushroom carving 2

Twin mushrooms, perfect for your lawn or garden. These mushrooms come in any sytle or size you want.

Mushroom carving

Mushrooms for the garden. These can be as big or small as you like, lots more coming.

Bear with carving sign 2

Another four foot bear holding a personalized sign.

Bear with carving sign

This bear stands almost 4 feet and can hold a sign. Sign is replaceable and can change for any occasion or season.

Bear in Stump

This 'Welcome' bear was carved from a solid piece of White Pine, sanded, textured and sealed with wood preservative.

This little guy happily welcomes visitors to your home or work place. We can carve most any sign you wish, let us know.

Flower Bear

This is our flower bear in a sitting position carved from a solid piece of White Pine. The cavity in his chest can be made to hold most anything you like, from flowers to .... well let us know what you have in mind.

Bear in Stump

Another Welcome bear in a stump.

This bear was carved with a small cavity in its chest and the arms and paws are positioned to hold a bouquet of flowers.

Bear in Stump

Another bear in a tree stump. This one does not have a sign. We can add most any sign or additional carving at your request.

Bear in Stump

Another Welcome bear in a stump. This one was carved from a larger log meant to keep his head above the snow in the Winter.


Woodstock was carved from a solid piece of White Pine, sanded and painted his natural color - bright yellow.

Bird Bath

Our unique organic bird bath carved from a solid piece of White Pine with a pottery tub and wind chimes below.

Both tub and chimes can be easily removed for cleaning or storage during the winter.

Other designs available, tell us what you have in mind.

Pumpkin 1

Chainsaw carved pumpkin from White Pine. Shown unpainted.

Pumpkin 2

Another chainsaw carved pumpkin from White Pine. Shown unpainted.

Pumpkin 3

Chainsaw carved pumpkin from White Pine. Shown unpainted.

Pumpkin Ghost

Chainsaw carved pumpkin and ghost from one solid piece of White Pine log.

Welcome Pumpkin

Chainsaw carved pumpkin on a stump with a welcome sign carved.

We can change the sign to your liking.

Wood Spirit

This wood spirit or maybe he's Old Man Winter was carved from a large White Pine log, sanded and seared.

We can alter the expression and facial features to your liking, let us know what you're thinking.

Signs and More

In addtion to chainsaw carving, we also make a variety of signs, lettering and inlays. Call, text or email what you need.

Here are few projects we've worked on.

Amaral Mills Logo Carving

This sign was machine carved on a solid piece of White Oak. A frame was wrapped around the sign and then planed. Wood preservative was applied and the letters painted black.

We can make recessed or protruding text and use most any font you want. You can select a variety of wood species including, White Pine, Red/White Oak, Black Walnut, Maple and Cherry. All wood is locally harvested, milled, dried and planed by us.

Amaral Mills street sign

This sign was made from three pieces of White Pine. Each piece was machined carved on both sides, then textured with a chainsaw. The pieces were glued together and seared. Next, wood preservative was applied, once dried the lettering was painted. Finally, the signed was secured to a post and attached to a tree.

Welcome Sign

This sign was made from a single piece of White Pine. It was machine carved, textured, seared and sealed with several coats of wood preservative. This sign represents our rustic looking line of signs.

We can make all kinds of signs, inlcuding: house address, surnames, warnings, sayings (adages), you name it....


These coasters were carved from solid Red Maple with an inlay of a White Oak leaf, although the inlay is actually from two different species, Black Walnut on the right and Red Oak on the left. The design and construction were done by us at Amaral Mills

Inlay Positive

This inlay was designed by our good friend John Heaney using Sketchup. We milled the positive part of the inlay (from YellowHeart wood) and the templates (not shown, from MDF) that were later used to make the negative part of the inlay using a hand router.

John applied this inlay to a beautiful bench used in his home.

Inlay Negative

This is the negative part of the inlay created using the templates mentioned earlier. Later, John had to perform a number of operations, including squaring the corners of the positive inlay with hand chisels in order to get a perfect fit.

Heart carving

I created this plaque for my wife on our 23rd anniversary. The little heart was added the following year (23 + 1 = 24 years).

The base of the plaque is mahogany and the heart is Red Maple. The vine engravings and hearts were machine carved.

Clock gears

These gears were created for the wooden clock shown below. These are called escapement gears since they enteract with the mechanism that attaches to the pendulum.

As the pendulum swings, the teeth of the gear 'escape' the mechanism and create discrete steps of motion. In this simple clock the escapment gear drives the hand of the clock directly, counting one second per tick.

Wood clock

This is the fully assembled wooden clock. All the parts (including the weight) were designed and created by us using our CNC router and lathe.